How to Formulate the Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

How to Formulate the Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

If consumers are looking for a solution to their dry skin, suppliers have a golden opportunity to offer products that not only provide a good coverage, but also a strong hydrating properties. Here he have removed all the guesswork for suppliers and present the best ways to identify the most innovative products in the beauty industry.

We know dry skin is a big concern for beauty shoppers; they get worried about their skin getting flaky and textured, and they know if nothing gets done they will end up with a drier and older skin. That is why suppliers need to offer the best foundation for dry skin in the market, and Blue Sun International can definitely help with that.

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What Is the Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

In order to solve the dry skin problem people need a product that moisturizes and has a good coverage on their skin, knowing the ingredients to achieve this can help select the best choice. Also, just like in the glitter created by Bioglitter, looking for eco-friendly ingredients can really boost sales of any beauty product as consumers are more conscious about the environment these days.

The Best Ingredients for the Best Foundation for Dry Skin

Here is a list of ingredients suppliers need to look for on their products if they want to guarantee a solution for their customers’ dry skin:

  • Glycerin: It is a potent moisturizer that comes from plant sources. It is a colorless and odorless humectant that attracts water to itself; in other words, it is a moisturizer that attracts more moisture. It can attract water from the deeper skin layers or the air in humid environments. Using glycerin is like if every skin cell has its own swimming pool! Dermanet  solves tackiness of Glycerin. It provides excellent hydration without sticky afterfeel. Finally customers can take advantage of Glycerin without compromising feel.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: It is a common ingredient in beauty products, it has the ability to hydrate and plump the skin. It also helps to eliminate wrinkles and increase the volume of face and lips. It is naturally found on the skin, connective tissues, eyes, and joints. It is essential to keep skin hydrated! Blue Sun’s Snevia is a new technology that has developed a vegetable alternative to Hyaluronic Acid.  It delivers a high moisturizing effect while providing a long lasting effects as the moisturizing films does not break when subject to changes in pH or temperature.
  • Natural coated Powders: Consumers need good coverage on their skin, but with ingredients that do not provide a drying effect as a side effect. In order to prevent that, our line of natural butter coated powders is a great option!
  • Mushroom Extract: It is the new must have ingredient in skincare products because it has hydrating and brightening effects that are the favorite of environmentally friendly beauty launches.

The Best Products for Dry Skin

Blue Sun International offers the best solution for dry skin, the products we market contain the ingredients listed above. A new twist for formulators is to include Bioglitter line. Bioglitter Pure Gold and Bioglitter Pink are very soft with the consumer’s skin and provide unique hints of color.

Check our formulation page to find more great foundation formulas.

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