Beware green glitter claims

Beware green glitter claims

One of the worldwide top “green” glitter manufacturers has propelled a scheme to guarantee and make certain customers know for sure whether or not the glitter they buy is truly ecofriendly.

Plastic glitter is a type of micro-plastic, which has gotten especially terrible press as of late, with worries over their harmful effect on the earth. Subsequently, several restorative glitter makers have reported that they offer biodegradable, environmentally friendly glitter, yet not every one of these cases is valid or proven.

Ronald Britton is a company in the UK which creates the most environmentally friendly glitter product. They have launched a product called Bioglitter, which is plant-based, biodegradable cosmetic glitter which is considerably less harmful to the environment and far more eco-friendly. They plan to guarantee that the glitter bought by their customers is truly harmless and that the customers themselves know for sure that it is safe to use. The Bioglitter logo on cosmetic glitter products and the Bioglitter website helps ensure customers that the product they purchase contains Bioglitter and that it is the best option.

Bioglitter has launched in the UK a few months ago and remains present in the market as a nature-friendly product designed to help fix micro-plastic pollution and undo the damage done by basic polyester-based glitter products.

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Bioglitter is a plant-based product which contains cellulose and is manufactured to replace the use of plastic in glitter. The advanced technology and the highly developed form of cellulose used only in Bioglitter are designed to naturally decompose when it makes contact with soil, compost, fresh water or wastewater environments, or anywhere that microorganisms and living beings are found. The glitter, however, doesn’t degrade on your shelf.

Bioglitter Sparkle, while it comes with 92% less plastic than other glitter products and the eco-friendly, biodegradable quality makes it unique and safe to use and significantly less damaging to the environment, is still not wholly plastic-free.

Ronald Britton is determined to reduce the harmful effect on the earth caused by plastic glitter, and through Bioglitter, they hope to achieve their goal of eventually creating 100% plastic-free glitter. They are currently investing in major research and committed to development programmes one day be able to design entirely eco-friendly, biodegradable Bioglitter products which contain 0% plastic in the future.

Bioglitter will publish a regularly updated list of their approved retailers and sellers on

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