Biodegradable Body Glitter or Bio-Glitter from Head to Toe

Biodegradable Body Glitter or Bio-Glitter from Head to Toe

Many things have been said about the damage plastic glitter causes to the environment, but it should also be noted that standard glitter can directly hurt the customers. Fortunately, a new bio-glitter can make glitter fans feel comfortable about using their favorite cosmetic in any part of their bodies.

Among the many types of glitter being manufactured to tackle plastic pollution, there is one that stands out not only for guaranteeing natural biodegradability in any environment but also for giving users the opportunity of having a biodegradable body glitter for the first time in glitter history. This is great news even for the most demanding customers!


Standard Plastic Glitter Is Bad for the Skin Too

In case consumers think standard glitter does not affect them directly, they should know they are mistaken because we are learning that even those new types of glitter being proposed as alternatives to plastic based glitter are very toxic for our skin and affect all of us in our daily lives. For example, PLA glitter and compostable glitter are terrible types of glitter.

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The Only true Biodegradable Body Glitter in the Market

The good news for conscious glitter consumers is that a new bio-glitter can be applied in any part of the body. The innovative company Bioglitter is leading the way towards a plastic free cosmetics world and it has recently launched a new type of glitter that is the first 100% plastic free glitter in history.

Glitter providers need to know this new product more in detail to convince their customers it is great for their intentions of helping the planet and taking care of their bodies while having fun. The name of this new product is Bioglitter PURE and here are 10 reasons that will convince any customer this is the right choice:

  1. It is certified to be naturally biodegradable in any environment.
  2. It has been verified as completely micro-plastic free.
  3. It decomposes just like a regular leaf in the natural environment.
  4. It holds the OK Biodegradable Certification.
  5. Its soft touch makes it more comfortable on the skin.
  6. It is 100% aluminum free and contains no heavy metals.
  7. It has recently been a winner in the PCHI Fountain Awards in China, 2019 edition.
  8. It has won an award for innovation in the world’s most prestigious cosmetic raw material exhibition.
  9. It has been certified to be 100% biobased carbon content.
  10. It complies with all the current and future legislation, including the US FDA requirements for use on lips.


Blue Sun International Offers the Real Bio-Glitter

Many glitter providers and consumers struggle to find a true biodegradable glitter, especially in times in which many alternatives are being offered as biodegradable when, in fact, they do not biodegrade in nature. Here is a guide on where to buy actual biodegradable glitter for those who are still having a hard time getting their glitter.

By being the only and exclusive reseller of the Bioglitter products in the US, Blue Sun International guarantees any glitter coming out of our offices is not harmful to the environment.

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