Body Safe Glitter: What Is the Best Choice?

Body Safe Glitter: What Is the Best Choice?

Among the many types of ‘eco-glitters’ arising these days, customers will prefer one that is not only safe for the environment, but also for them. Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure appear as the right option for those looking to shine while taking care of their skin at the same time.

Glitter is so appealing for most people that we all just want to spread it all over our bodies, but that may have awful short and long term consequences. That is why there is an increasing need in customers to find a body safe glitter they can use without worrying about what it is going to do to their skin and the planet.

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A Real Body Safe Glitter

Bioglitter has achieved what no other company has in the glitter industry; it has created the first 100% plastic free glitter. But the beauty of it is not that it is a naturally biodegradable eco-glitter – which is great – but that it is totally safe to be used in any part of the human body.

The product recently launched by this innovative company is Bioglitter PURE, and as its name suggests, it is purely made out of natural and plant derived materials. Some of the greatest things achieved by this true eco-glitter can be seen below:

  • It has been verified as micro-plastic free, which helps reducing the huge plastic pollution problem hurting our planet.
  • It sets a new environmental standard for the cosmetics industry with their use of only natural materials.
  • It contains no aluminum, which makes it suitable for use on lips according to the FDA legislation.
  • Its plant derived materials makes it soft to the touch; customers will always report it feels softer on their skin compared to any other glitter.
  • Thanks to the many recognitions and awards it has won in the industry, it is accurate to say this is the first ‘guilt free glitter’.

If you need to know more about this body safe glitter, you can click here to be convinced why this is the best option for your body.

How long does biodegradable glitter take to degrade? 

In order to find out how long biodegradable glitter takes to biodegrade, it is important to check if indeed biodegrades in nature

  • Bioglitter Sparkle (Today Glitter sparkle): 87% in just 30 days
  • Bioglitter Pure (Today Glitter No-plastic): 92% in just 30 days

There are so many fake ‘Eco-Glitters’ in the market. It is important to highlight that fake biodegradable glitter does not decompose in nature:

In order to face the increasing demand of more environmentally friendly glitters, many suppliers are marketing so-called biodegradable products that DO NOT biodegrade in nature. Time will sort everything out and it is just a matter of time before these types of glitter are debunked. Make sure to ask for biodegradability report. If it biodegrades at 50 celsius (122 fahrenheit)  those are compostable temperatures not found in regular basis in natural environment

A Safe Eco-Glitter in the US

  • The US government is, as many other government entities all around the world, taking actions to tackle the plastic pollution problem threatening to kill marine life in our planet.
  • That is why it approved the Microbead Free Waters Act in 2015, which prohibits the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of rinse-off cosmetics containing micro-plastics.
  • This regulation is applicable to cosmetics and non-prescription drugs.
  • As glitter can be considered as a cosmetic and – in fact – many times is used as one, this legislation directly affects the glitter industry, which now needs to switch from plastics to biodegradable materials to survive in the market.
  • With that in mind, Blue Sun International is convinced that by being the exclusive reseller of the Bioglitter products, the confidence in our company can only grow as other providers try to fool customers with false claims about fake biodegradability. 
  • All of our products are proved to be harmless for the environment and for the consumer’s body.

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