Bulk Glitter Suppliers: What Makes Them Good?

Bulk Glitter Suppliers: What Makes Them Good?

Finding the glitter suppliers you can trust is not an easy task, you want them to have certain attributes to convince you the glitter they offer is the one you are most comfortable with. See in the next paragraphs what you need to look for in order to get the right supplier!

If you are looking for that special bulk glitter supplier that is going to fill all your sparkle needs, you need to check on what makes a glitter supplier good. Below you will see some of the attributes you should check to choose the right one.

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Make sure the products offered by your bulk glitter supplier come from a reliable source. A reliable source is a manufacturing company that has passed the relevant tests and meets the criteria to be considered good for the environment, or at least not harmful.


It is important that the glitter provided by your supplier is a quality product. It does not have to only give you the benefits you normally get in most glitter offers but it also must be of better quality. Check the ingredients of the glitter your provider offers.


The glitter you get from your supplier should be one that has maintained regularity through the years. This is the same constancy you want to get from your bulk glitter supplier, who should be offering quality products for many years.

And most importantly…


Your bulk glitter supplier must offer innovative products, and when it comes to innovation in glitter, the leading company is BioglitterTM. Any supplier offering BioglitterTM products is offering innovation, which is the most important thing you want to get from your supplier. Make sure your BioglitterTM distributor is an approved and official reseller.

Suppliers selling BioglitterTM products are also reliable because they offer quality products that have passed independent tests that prove they are good for the environment and cause no harm to our planet.


So what is the secret of a good bulk glitter supplier?

What makes good the quality of Bioglitter is that it uses natural derived ingredients that guarantee its biodegradabillity in the natural environment. Other characteristics of Bioglitter include;

  • Bioglitter has passed the fresh water test that guarantees the glitter you get from Bioglitter suppliers degrades when it gets in contact with the natural environment.
  • It replaced the plastic coatings with natural layers of modified regenerated cellulose, derived from eucalyptus trees.
  • Bioglitter aims to remove all plastics from its products and is proud to launch Bioglitter Pure, which is 100% plastic free and makes it suitable for use on lips.
  • Due to the natural derived ingredients, Bioglitter feels softer on your skin compared to standard plastic glitter, whose ingredients can be harmful to your skin.
  • Most of the content in Bioglitter biodegrades in less than 4 weeks in any natural and freshwater environment (it does not need of special temperatures or specific soils to biodegrade). 

The Right Bulk Glitter Suppliers

Only Bioglitter providers guarantee they offer a glitter you can trust. In the US, Bioglitter has only authorized Blue Sun International and Today Glitter to resell its products, so they are the only bulk glitter suppliers guaranteeing a reliable and innovative quality product.

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