Cosmetic Glitter VS Craft Glitter? Now You can Have Both!

Cosmetic Glitter VS Craft Glitter? Now You can Have Both!

Many glitter lovers are discussing the pros and cons of each type of glitter, but what they do not know is that thanks to the newest Bioglitter release now they can have both products in one.

Cosmetic Glitter VS Craft Glitter… Which one to choose? There has been a lot of discussion lately about which one is better for certain applications, but the differences in Cosmetic Glitter VS Craft Glitter essentially lie in the materials, cuts, processing and packaging used for each one of them. Let’s get to know them before choosing one, or let’s see if it is possible to choose both choosing only one…

We already know that standard glitter can be;

  • Prismatic
  • Iridescent
  • Holographic
  • Extremely brillant
  • Black light activated

And other characteristics are;

  • They differ in size (.008, .015, .025, .040 hex sizes)
  • They also come in special cuts for festivals (stars, hearts, and moons)

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Cosmetic Glitter VS Craft Glitter

of Plastics

Let’s see what differentiates these two types of glitter and how ONE can be TWO. 



Unfortunately, most cosmetic glitter out there is harmful to the environment since the vast majority of manufacturers use plastics on non-naturally biodegradable materials. We are learning that in addition to cause serious damage to the environment, plastic can be very toxic if someone ingests it by mistake. On the other hand, craft glitter is made of glass, metal, and poly-coated dyes.

Another material frequently used in cosmetic glitter is PLA that does not biodegrade in nature. If we want to be responsible with the environment, we have to look for products that use actual biodegradable materials. Not even compostable glitter is enough.



They both normally use machinery that gets rust into the glitter. In order to be sure a glitter is safe for the user, the production and packaging must comply with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and workers should follow a proper sanitary behavior. Users need to research what they buy to put into their skins.


Choose Both in One

Bioglitter PURE can be used for cosmetic and craft applications. As the first world’s 100% plastic-free glitter it does not harm the environment because its naturally biodegradability is certified.

Other features include;

  • New soft iridescent glitter effect
  • Excellent compatibility with dry, water based, solvent based, oil based and surfactants
  • Complies with all micro-plastic legislation
  • Softer feel on the skin compared to standard glitter
  • Complies with FDA legislation for use on the lips
  • Thin film makes provides 30% more coverage than regular glitter

Blue Sun is the only and exclusive distributor of Bioglitter in the US and is proud to claim that users can have 2 glitters in 1 as Bioglitter PURE’s makes it suitable for more than just one application.

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