Cosmetic Glitter Wholesale, Where to Find It?

Cosmetic Glitter Wholesale, Where to Find It?

Although there are many types of cosmetic glitter being marketed nowadays, consumers are still having a hard time finding an ecoglitter wholesale that protects the environment from the plastic pollution caused by standard glitter.

There has recently been a glitter world shakedown as the Bioglitter’s first plastic free glitter was launched in 2019, but it does not seem consumers are able to find it easily. Finding cosmetic glitter wholesale that is naturally biodegradable is quite a challenge for glitter fans concerned about protecting the environment.


Customers Look for Reliable Glitter Suppliers

Glitter consumers are becoming more aware about the damage plastic glitter leaves in the environment. There are still many who just want to get their shiny look without thinking of the long-term consequences. However, these type of customers are decreasing in number as the news on plastic pollution call for an immediate change of direction in the choice of cosmetics.

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With that in mind, customers will be looking for good bulk glitter suppliers  that can guarantee their glitter is naturally biodegradable.


The Many Applications of a New Ecoglitter

Consumers should know they can get a wide range of Bio-glitter products for as many applications as possible. The types of glitter include:

  • Cosmetic Bioglitter: suitable for use in cosmetics and personal care applications. This type of glitter is often used in festivals and nails and body art. Cosmetic glitter wholesale can be purchased in any of our offices.
  • Deco Bioglitter: it is the technical grade of the Bioglitter products. This type of glitter is used in decorative applications, also in coatings, fabrics, craft and other applications different than cosmetics.
  • Craft Bioglitter: it is the ideal glitter for educational purposes. This type of glitter was especially created for the crafting of children in primary school.


Top Innovation in Glitter Industry is Bioglitter

As the eco-friendliest alternative to plastic glitter, Bioglitter was developed to tackle the micro-plastic pollution that is already being addressed by many governments and the most innovative companies around the world. But Bioglitter is so much more than just a biodegradable glitter:

  • It has been independently tested by third party experts that guarantee their natural biodegradability.
  • It has proved its products biodegrade into harmless substances once they get in contact with the natural environment.
  • It has been verified as micro-plastic free according to the ECHA Microplastic Proposal of January, 2019.

Customers should also know that words can be cheap when it comes to making ‘green’ claims; that is the case of many so called ‘biodegradable’ products that DO NOT biodegrade in nature. In order to be considered as a real naturally biodegradable glitter, customers have to look at the eco-credentials the product shows.


Glitter needs a totally new approach, for that reason:

  • A glitter that decomposes only in industrial and home composting processes is not enough; Bioglitter makes sure its products are biodegradable in the natural environment.
  • Bioglitter sets the standard for a new type of glitter, as the creator of the world’s first 100% plastic free glitter it is proud to say they have invented the world’s first ‘guilt-free glitter’.
  • Although the extent of glitter in the micro-plastics pollution is small in comparison to other products polluting our waterways, this problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Blue Sun International is helping on this green endeavor by being the only representative of the Bioglitter products in the US. Customers and/or providers willing to help on this matter can trust us as the number one source of ecoglitter.

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