What Are the most Common Emollients Used for Haircare formulations?

What Are the most Common Emollients Used for Haircare formulations?

The best way to provide care for hair is to make sure it is balanced with the right nutrients it needs to be manageable and healthy, these elements are found in many ready-made products or may come as natural ingredients (or are directly derived from them). In order to get a balanced and enviable hair, consumers need to know what are the most common of these nutrients and where to find them.

The use of emollients for hair, humectants, and protein is understandably on the rise. These three elements are proving to be essential in a proper hair and scalp care. Consumers that do not regulary use these components tend to have their hair frizzy and weak. Consumers looking to protect their hair are beginning to understand the importance of having them on a regular basis. What can they use?

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The Use of Proteins in Hair Care

Proteins are amino acids that can be used for hair restoration and smooth its structure. It is easy to tell if your hair is missing proteins, it will become tangled, thin, and difficult to comb. Also, if your hair just underwent a procedure involving heat, then the use of proteins is ideal for you. Protein can be divided in three big groups

  • Amino acids: arginine, l-Cysteine
  • High molecular weight proteins: Sources are wheat, oats, soy, silk, collagen, elastin
  • Hydrolyzed proteins: They are the tiniest molecules of the divided protein, examples include silk, wheat, casein, keratin, collagen, elastin

Now, remember that if you use too much protein, your hair will most likely become dry and frizzy especially if it is applied to hair with high porosity. Also, remember that for protein to work as it should, it must be left in hair for at least 30 minutes, that is why high load of protein in shampoos is not recommended. What consumers are advised to do is to apply proteins with humectants for better results.

Using Humectants in Hair

The use of humectants becomes very necessary for dry and breakable strands. They lock moisture in hair, and its use depends on air humidity and temperature. Also, keep in mind at all times that excessive use of humectant products makes hair frizzy and coarse. Humectants include:

  • Glycerol
  • Honey
  • Aloe
  • Panthenol

The advisable thing is to always use humectants with emollients for constant moisture.

Most Common Emollients for Hair

The use of emollients is quite known in cosmetics as they soften and moisture skin. They also soften and moisture hair, and mainly consist of emollient oils and other fats. They improve the ability to lock water within the hair shaft. When emollients are not used in hair, it becomes unmanageable. They are usually found in conditioners and other protecting products; the most common ones include:

  • Emollients oils: argan oil, olive oil, mineral oil, jojoba oil
  • Natural butters: Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter
  • Silicones: They can be water soluble silicones and silicones washed with shampoo or detergent, you also have those that evaporate.

Most conditioners contain this type of elements that should be applied to provide an adequate hair and scalp care.

The Best Nutrients for Hair and Scalp Care

In Blue Sun International, we always recommend a comprehensive care to get all the benefits your body needs, that is why we market the most complete products for hair and scalp care. Our Dermanet line includes these elements and provides a superior emollience in hair care applications.

Dermanet contains Glycerin, which has high moisturization properties, but thanks to the unique manufacturing process of our line, it does not have the sticky after feel Glycerin normally has. In addition to emollient oils, our line also includes lipophilic ingredients, but it is completely water soluble. Here are some incredible benefits of our Dermanet series:

  • Dermanet (Dimethicone version): Facilitates the combing of frizzy hair and provides an outstanding shine.
  • Dermanet Squalane: Contains emollient oils and is an excellent hair moisturizer.
  • Dermanet Jojoba: Helps to moisturize and condition hair and makes it more manageable and tangle free. Especially useful for dry hair.

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