Environmentally Safe Glitter: What Is the True Eco-Glitter?

Environmentally Safe Glitter: What Is the True Eco-Glitter?

How can one tell if a glitter is actually safe for the environment? Many options are arising as environmentally friendly products, but real eco-glitters are still hard to find. Suppliers are in front of a golden opportunity and they might not even know it.

Looking for an environmentally safe glitter is becoming a priority for conscious consumers who understand our planet is fighting a hard battle against plastic pollution. The recently launched Bioglitter’s non-plastic glitter is the new sensation in the industry; suppliers need to understand why this is a real eco-glitter so customers can trust them.

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An Eco-Friendly Glitter Is Urgent

Plastic pollution news are only getting worse and the cosmetics industry has to deal with the new preferences of consumers who are not only interested in having a good quality product but also that their choice is safe for the environment. The job of suppliers is making sure they provide the safest choice in eco-glitter, and that means selling the new Bioglitter non-plastic glitter.

The Future in Glitter Belongs to Bioglitter

Facing the increasing demand of environmentally safe glitters, Bioglitter arises as the most innovative company in the cosmetics industry, leading the way towards plastic-free products. The new Bioglitter non-plastic glitter is the world’s first 100% plastic free glitter in history and is setting a new standard in cosmetics.

Bioglitter is an eco-friendly alternative that goes beyond being a biodegradable glitter; it has been committed to tackle plastic pollution for a very long time, and with that in mind it aims to achieve two main goals: removing micro-plastics and being certified as biodegradable in all of its products. These are the two main products you can get:

1. Bioglitter SPARKLE: Considered by many as the original game changer in the industry, it is the brightest glitter in the Bioglitter family and is identical in benefits to traditional plastic glitter, except it leaves no mess afterwards. Other features include:
  • It has proved its high biodegradation in the freshwater test
  • Although it contains a small amount of plastic, it is still one of the safest eco-glitters in the market
  • It has won many awards and recognitions in the industry for its environmentally friendly manufacturing
2. Bioglitter PURE: The world’s first 100% plastic free glitter decomposes like an ordinary leaf in nature leaving no trace after being used. It holds the OK Biodegradable WATER Certification which guarantees biodegradation in any environment. The Bioglitter non-plastic glitter also:
  • Feels softer on the consumer’s skin due to the use only of natural and plant derived materials
  • It has won more awards and recognitions than its predecessor, which makes it the safest glitter and first guilt-free glitter in the planet
  • It complies with all current and future legislation on micro-plastics; it also meets the FDA criteria to be used in any part of the human body

How Long Does it Take for Glitter to Decompose?

It depends on the glitter. Standard plastic glitter - as any other plastic - can remain unaltered for centuries and contribute to the huge plastic pollution harming our planet. But if consumers get Bioglitter Pure or Bioglitter Sparkle from Today Glitter or Blue Sun they can be sure that 90% or more will vanish in less than 4 weeks!

In case you are still wondering what is a true eco-friendly glitter, once you get the chance of getting true BioglitterTM product you can be sure you are already an environmentally friendly supplier or consumer.

Blue Sun International and Today Glitter are the exclusive suppliers in the US of the Bioglitter brand, and its two main products can be acquired in any shop of these two verified resellers. The future in glitter is only represented by environmentally safe glitters!

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