Where to Find True Naturally Biodegradable Cosmetic Glitter?

Where to Find True Naturally Biodegradable Cosmetic Glitter?

As we learn more about the harm plastic glitter causes to the environment, we realize it is crucial to identify a glitter that biodegrades in nature.Glitter, as we know it, is being banned in many places around the world; it is just a matter of time for a complete ban to come into force. This is why switching to eco-friendly alternatives is becoming urgent. Some of these alternatives include the use of colored lentils, but glitter lovers do not want to give up the sparkle the cosmetic provides and a biodegradable cosmetic glitter arises as the right choice.

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Naturally biodegradable glitter

Since the need for environmentally-friendly glitter is increasing, there are many new manufacturers who claim the glitter they produce biodegrades in the natural environment, but make no mistake, for a glitter to be naturally biodegradable it has to pass high-standard tests and be manufactured following a well-researched process. Very few manufacturers can make that claim.

A biodegradable cosmetic glitter is made from a unique sustainable eucalyptus cellulose. The eucalyptus cellulose is covered with a thin layer of aluminum and then colored so that it becomes sparkly. This type of cellulose biodegrades in nature, unlike any other types of cellulose.


Are there many concerns regarding this new type of glitter?

Many partygoers may think this glitter – since it is biodegradable – is not going to be as durable as conventional glitter, they fear it will melt off their faces as they are enjoying themselves in any special occasion they are wearing it. Nothing can be further from the truth! Naturally Biodegradable cosmetic glitter will last what a glitter has to last.

The big difference is that it is not going to take hundreds of years to decompose once it gets to the sea and other natural environments. Most conventional glitters end up in the ocean and affecting marine life.

Another difference is that it feels much softer on the skin since it does not contain harsh plastics.


What happens with this glitter once it has been used?

Once it has been used, the naturally biodegradable cosmetic glitter decomposes in the natural environment in just a few weeks. The little micro-organisms living in the soil and in the oceans eat this ultrafine glitter, and this is how it gets to be broken down.

People who are very passionate about the huge issue plastic pollution represents to the environment are choosing this alternative biodegradable glitter. But the word is still to be spread.


Where can it be found?

The true naturally biodegradable glitter is exclusive to Blue Sun and Today Glitter. These companies are pioneering the research on environmentally-friendly glitter, and are the only ones who offer a product that passed the fresh water test, which is the only test in the world that certifies a glitter actually biodegrades in nature. Others may claim they offer biodegradable products or compostable glitter, but that is not enough. In order to help the micro-plastics pollution, conscious consumers need to make sure the products they get do biodegrade once they get to the natural environment.

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