Fine Glitter Bulk: Why Do Micro-Plastics Need to Be Removed? (Part 2)

Fine Glitter Bulk: Why Do Micro-Plastics Need to Be Removed? (Part 2)

As part of the ‘green revolution’ so desperately needed in the cosmetics industry, pioneering manufacturers are making sure to revolutionize as many types of glitter as possible; their mission is clear: to remove plastics from cosmetics.

In a previous post, it was established that most cosmetics manufacturers know a new approach must be taken in the use of micro-plastics and therefore they developed an ultrafine glitter that suits the needs of the most conscious consumers. However, it must be noted that customers will be looking for more, that is why a plastic-free fine glitter bulk was also created as part of this revolution.


Fine Glitter Bulk Is a Common Request

Providers know glitter in bulk is requested quite often, it is usually cheaper if acquired on a large scale, and fine glitter is one of the most requested types of glitter. The fine glitter bulk marketed by Blue Sun International comes entirely from Bioglitter, which is the only company in the world that can guarantee a naturally biodegradable glitter.

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How Is Bio-Glitter Bulk Made?

Bioglitter is making sure to be the most innovative and reliable brand of biodegradable glitter in the market. It mostly uses plant derived materials that can guarantee informed consumers they are getting a real bio-glitter. Here are 3 outstanding facts anyone interested in the making of this glitter should know:

  1. It does not use the classic core polyester film; instead it uses a unique form of cellulose especially created by Bioglitter.
  2. The hardwoods used to create this special cellulose come from respectable certified plantations operating in accordance with the PEFC standards.
  3. The making of this bio-glitter is achieving eco-credentials no other company can show.

If you are interested about knowing how Bioglitter is top innovation in glitter, please click here  and get a detailed explanation of what it is.

In addition, the Bioglitter products can be used in many applications, as you will see next.


The Many Uses of Bioglitter

Whether customers are looking to buy ultrafine glitter, fine glitter in bulk, craft glitter, glitter for cosmetics, etc., providers should know Bioglitter has many applications and it is up to them to convince their customers they have the right glitter for them. Some of the applications of the Bioglitter products include;

  • Glitter for cosmetics and personal care, which can be used in festivals, personal care applications, and nail and body art.
  • Glitter for decorative purposes, which is the Bioglitter’s technical grade of glitters, and it is very often applied on coatings, fabrics, and craft uses.
  • Glitter for educational purposes, which is the children’s favorite glitter and does not leave the mess usually caused by standard plastic glitter.

All the applications of this new bio-glitter can be purchased in bulk or retail, providers can trust Blue Sun International as the only and exclusive representative of the Bioglitter products in the US. Also, providers can be completely sure environmentally friendly customers (that are increasing in number) will rely on them as their number one choice in guilt-free glitter in any application they want.

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