The Future of Naturally Biodegradable Glitter in the USA

The Future of Naturally Biodegradable Glitter in the USA

Plastic glitter in America is soon to be over as more studies prove how dangerous is for the environment to use micro-plastics and new regulations are banning the product.Americans love glitter, you can see it in kids crafting with it in art projects and teenagers wearing it in cosmetics. But regular glitter is made of micro-plastics that are very detrimental to the environment. This is why many scientists want a complete ban on plastic glitter. It seems to be the perfect opportunity for naturally biodegradable glitter to start shining in the USA.

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The danger of plastic glitter

By now, it is clear that regular glitter represents a significant danger to marine environments. 90% of the plastics found in the open sea are micro-plastics and most glitter contains these particles. Since they are so tiny they end up being consumed by the ocean micro-organisms and then getting to human consumption through the food chain.

This issue is already affecting marine life in a significant way (snails, for instance, are growing at slower rate), and the micro-plastic pollution can only get things worse if it continues existing in the high concentrations currently getting to the ocean.


What is the government doing?

In 2015, the American government approved The Microbead Free Waters Act, which prohibits the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of rinse-off cosmetics containing plastic micro-beads. This regulation is applicable to cosmetics and non-prescription drugs.

The Congress considered necessary to have a single Federal law that is applicable in any place in America since many states are banning the product but with different and various regulations.


Time for a new glitter to shine

Following the government ban, other options are being explored by the American glitter fans. For instance, companies buying large amounts of glitter are turning to Blue Sun to be their main provider of naturally biodegradable glitter. For small stores, professional make-up artist and retailers Today Glitter is the right option as the only sell Bioglitter Sparkle or Bioglitter Pure. They never mix their products with plastic glitter or compostable glitter.

There are many companies claiming now to sell biodegradable glitter, but if helping the environment is what you want to achieve you have to make sure the glitter you get actually biodegrades in the natural environment. The only way to be 100% sure your glitter biodegrades in nature, you must get the one that has the certification of passing the fresh water test. So far these two companies are the only verified ones in America that can be proud of selling a product that has passed that test.


Making the difference

Although parents hate glitter because cleaning it up and having it in an organized manner at the house is very complicated, it will come the time they realize that banning glitter is not going to solve anything, and hopefully they will teach their kids to get the right glitter. Using alternatives to plastic glitter can make a huge difference. The naturally biodegradable glitter is not as messy as regular plastic glitter and will help young glitter lovers to create a brighter tomorrow.

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