Glitter Ingredients: Bad Glitter vs. Good Eco Friendly Glitter

Glitter Ingredients: Bad Glitter vs. Good Eco Friendly Glitter

If you are wondering which glitter is bad or safe for the environment, you should pay attention to the ingredients before choosing the right one. Once you know your glitter in detail, you can be sure about picking the best eco-glitter in the market.

The battle for becoming the new standard in glitter has begun and the sides customers have to pick represent the dichotomy of our times: the easy option of plastic glitter – which is bad for the environment – and the environmentally safe glitter, which is more difficult to get and requires a closer look to the glitter ingredients.

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Plastic Is Bad!

Unfortunately, our day-to-day life rely so much on plastics that they are pretty much in all the industries. Cosmetics and glitter are no exception to this and you can find products containing micro-plastics that will end up polluting our oceans and killing marine life. Here are more reasons why plastic glitter is bad for the environment:

  • The core polyester film is basically plastic that will remain unchanged for centuries.
  • The shiny bits of glitter will get the attention of sea organisms, which will consume the micro-plastics and probably die of starvation.
  • Getting rid of plastics is always a big hassle; plastic glitter is likely to get stuck on the carpet, the pet’s fur, in the corners of the house, etc.

What Is Glitter Made Of?

Standard glitter is made from plastic sheets that in different layers form plastic glitter. These layers include the core polyester film and coatings (aluminum reflective coating and transparent or color coating). Sometimes glitter includes a multi-layer of two different plastics (e.g. PET and Acrylic) in its core film, usually less than 150 layers per film.

As one can imagine, getting rid of plastic glitter is almost impossible because with plastics is always like that: once you get a plastic you have to keep it or recycle it. But with eco-glitter things might change.

The Eco Glitter as New Standard

Bioglitter Pure and Bioglitter Sparkle offer a safe environmental solution to the micro-plastics pollution partially caused by standard glitter. BioglitterTM was especially developed to tackle this issue by replacing the core polyester film with plant derived glitter ingredients. The two main goals of Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure are:

  1. Removing the use of plastics from all its products
  2. Being biodegradable to leave no mess afterwards

Making a biodegradable glitter is not an easy task, but BioglitterTM has invested many years and resources to develop an eco-glitter that sets a new standard in glitter.

Where to Find a Good Eco Friendly Glitter?

Bioglitter Sparkle, Bioglitter Deco and Bioglitter Pure are the most innovative glitter products in the cosmetics and arts&crafts industries. Both lines have won many awards and recognitions for its constant innovation in glitter and they are becoming mainstream because of their innovation.

Companies who want to use the Bioglitter Sparkle, Bioglitter Pure and Bioglitter Deco as accessible as possible to conscious glitter fans can always rely on Blue Sun International (and Today Glitter for small quantities) as the only authorized resellers of Bioglitter in the US.

Our product line include the original game changer of the glitter industry, Bioglitter SPARKLE, and the Bioglitter 100% plastic free; Bioglitter PURE. 

The glitter ingredients used in these products include only plant derived materials and that alone achieves eco-credentials never achieved by any other product in the glitter industry.

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