Glitter World Shakedown! Bio-glitter Plastic free glitter is here

Glitter World Shakedown! Bio-glitter Plastic free glitter is here

Bio-glitter may be the long-awaited solution for companies and consumers willing to make a green environmental revolution in a world that desperately needs a change.

In order to tackle the huge environmental issue caused by plastic-based glitter, a new type of glitter is changing everything in the sparkle industry. The glitter world will never be the same after consumers find out many governments around the globe are taking measures to end with the glitter we know.

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Luckily, there is a pioneering company who has been thinking ahead and created a bio-glitter (that is a glitter that is naturally biodegradable) to help our planet overcome the plastic pollution in our oceans and natural environments.


What Is This Bio-glitter?

As suggested above, this new type of glitter helps our planet to fight plastic pollution by being biodegradable when it gets in contact with the natural environment. This is due to the following reasons:

  • It uses natural and plant-derived ingredients to be manufactured.
  • It replaces the traditional glitter’s plastic-based film with cellulose from hardwoods.
  • The eucalyptus-derived hardwoods come from certified plantations operating in accordance with the PEFC standards.
  • It is biodegradable in all the environments, not just the natural ones.


Changing the Glitter World

So what is the name of this company that is leading the way towards a more eco-friendly alternative? The name is Bio-glitter!

Bio-glitter represents innovation in the glitter industry; it is achieving eco-credentials that have never been achieved by any other company in the industry. For instance;

  • It is certified in OK Biodegradable WATER by TÜV, which guarantees biodegradation in a natural and freshwater environment.
  • It has created a product that is micro-plastic free according to the ECHA Microplastic Proposal.
  • It has also been certified as 100% biobased carbon content.


Watch Out with the ‘Green’ Claims

  • It is easy to talk, everybody knows that. That is why many other glitter companies are making false claims to deal with the new policies implemented by governments from all over the world.
  • In order to guarantee biodegradation in nature, the testing of the time, quantity, and environment is required. Any claim of being a biodegradable product without showing a certification or passing an independent test is meaningless.
  • For example, compostable glitter claims it is biodegradable, but having a glitter that only decomposes in industrial and home composting processes is not enough. A true biodegradable product needs to decompose outside, in the natural environment, which is where micro-plastic pollution can be found.


How Does this Bio-glitter Work?

  • Bioglitter does not dissolve in contact with water, so it can last on the consumer’s skin as much as standard glitter. It needs bacteria and other environmental micro-organisms to start its biodegradation process.
  • When this bio-glitter gets in contact with the natural environment, microbes consume the biodegradable content. Remember, if the Bioglitter product’s environment is microbe and bacteria free then it is totally durable for as much as the consumer needs it to be.


Blue Sun International Knows the Glitter World Is not the Same

That is why it has made all the efforts to be the exclusive distributor of Bioglitter in the US. By being the only authorized company to resell this bio-glitter in the US, it guarantees any product sold by Blue Sun International is a true naturally biodegradable product.


Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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