Harvesting Plant-based Glitter… Can Plants Shine?

Harvesting Plant-based Glitter… Can Plants Shine?

A new type of glitter is trialing at stores, a plant-based glitter that reduces the plastic pollution of our planet. Although standard glitter is proven to be very harmful to the environment, this eco-friendly alternative is still trying to make it in the cosmetics industry.

Most of us already know traditional glitter is very harmful to the environment, it is made of micro-plastics that end up polluting our oceans and affecting marine life in a negative way. With that in mind, pioneering companies, like Bioglitter, developed a new plant based glitter to tackle this issue, and it has become the world’s first naturally biodegradable glitter. 

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Why Is Standard Glitter Still Being Used?

Tons of plastic glitter are used every day by supermarkets and stores in cards, packaging and flower decoration, in cosmetic grade glitter, in craft glitter, etc. It is widely known that micro-plastics are a huge issue. Plastic glitter easily finds its way into the environment (mostly the sea), not only when it has already been used but also when it is delivered at supply chains.

Regardless of how detrimental plastic glitter is, there is still a huge demand for it because people love glitter, we are not willing to give up our favorite sparkle, we do not think about the long-term consequences, we just want to have fun with it. That is why plastic cosmetic glitter is still on the market.


Why Is Plant-based Beneficial?

Bioglitter has developed a new type of glitter that has proven to be biodegradable in the natural environment. It was developed for the decorative and coating industry. The reason why this new glitter is so beneficial for the planet is that it has replaced the plastic used in traditional glitter with plant-based materials.

Among those natural resource materials is a special and unique form of cellulose, which mainly derives from eucalyptus trees. Other benefits of the new plant-based glitter include;

  • It is as durable as conventional glitter on shelf, but once it gets in contact with nature it will degrade just like leaves normally do.
  • It has been tested by independent testing organizations, like OWS Belgium, which proved it has great biodegradability in freshwater environments.
  • When microbes in nature act on it, it can biodegrade in less than 4 weeks.
  • Bioglitter Sparkle is 92% plastic free and it is truly an eco-friendly alternative because it leaves a minimal or no trace on the environment. The goal is to get to be 100% plastic-free.
  • Bioglitter Pure is both 100% Plastic free and 100% Aluminum free.
  • It can help remove plastic glitter pollution for good.


Plant-based Glitter to Replace Plastic Glitter

Since plant-based glitter can help with plastic pollution if used as cosmetic grade glitter, conscious glitter fans can now enjoy the perks of the shiny cosmetic while using a naturally biodegradable product. The plant-based glitter is aiming to free our world from plastic, especially if this product can bring fun to people. Blue Sun International is proud to be the only and exclusive distributor in the US of Bioglitter products.


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