How to Find Best Wholesale Glitter?

How to Find Best Wholesale Glitter?

Regardless of the many studies showing standard glitter is bad for the environment people still love it very much. Luckily, there are ways now to enjoy glitter without damaging our planet… And here you will learn about them!

If you want to enjoy the perks of the shiny cosmetic you should know there are many products being offered as the best biodegradable cosmetic glitter, but all you need to know to find the best wholesale glitter are the following 5 aspects:


1. Quality

As you probably know, standard glitter is manufactured with micro-plastics that end up polluting our oceans and killing marine life. It is just a matter of time before products containing micro-plastics are banned around the globe. If we want to continue using glitter, the quality of standard glitter needs to change.

That is why Blue Sun International and Today Glitter offer excellent quality in biodegradable wholesale glitter and biodegradable cosmetic glitter. Their quality is backed by their reputation.

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2. Reputation

Blue Sun International and Today Glitter are the only authorized distributors in the US of Bioglitter products. We know Bioglitter is a reputable source that manufactures quality products that will not harm the environment.

Bioglitter is the only glitter manufacturer that has passed the freshwater test, which proves the actual biodegradability in nature of Bioglitter products. Moreover, unlike any other manufacturers or suppliers, Bioglitter made the results available to the public. The reputation of Bioglitter is supported by the knowledge we have of their products. It is not marketing. It is science.


3. Knowledge

Any supplier must know what they offer, that is an essential rule in business. We are proud to say we know the products we offer in detail. If you also want to know about them, here is a brief summary listing their most relevant features:

Bioglitter SPARKLE

  • 92% plastic free
  • Low heavy metal content
  • Softer feel on the skin
  • Enhanced resistance properties
  • Sparkly effect indistinguishable from standard glitter
  • Proven to be highly biodegradable in the natural environment

Bioglitter PURE

  • First 100% plastic free glitter in the world
  • Certified OK Biodegradable WATER (guaranteed biodegradation)
  • The ultimate eco-friendly glitter
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials
  • Antimony and GMO free
  • Compliant with FDA legislation to be used on lips
  • Globally compliant with micro-plastics legislation


4. Support

When you get a new product you still need the support of your supplier in case any problem happens. That is why all our information is available to the public at all times in our easy-to-access blog, where we constantly inform our clients of the latest trends, and we respond to any questions you may have when you contact us.


5. Innovation

Make sure to look for companies that are always innovating, that indicates they care about their customers. Bioglitter is always innovating, and that is why Blue Sun International and Today Glitter are always offering the latest developments in biodegradable glitter.


Do Not Be Fooled

Please do not buy any fake biodegradable product. Remember this, cosmetic grade glitter or compostable glitter IS NOT ENOUGH to help our planet. Only Bioglitter products can guarantee to biodegrade in the natural environment.


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