How to Get Rid of Glitter: The True Ecoglitter

How to Get Rid of Glitter: The True Ecoglitter

For most conscious glitter consumers is not enough to see their favorite cosmetic going down the drain after it has been used. In order to ease their well justified environmental concerns, they know it takes an actual ecoglitter to be sure glitter will not pollute the environment.

In recent times, customers are becoming more conscious about protecting the environment as the news on plastic pollution get worse. But they do not want to loose the fun standard glitter normally gives them, that is why they are now demanding a biodegradable body glitter to suit their needs of guilt-free joy.


Providers Need to Offer a Biodegradable Body Glitter

We have recently informed that there is a new type of glitter that can be used from head to toe without hurting the customer’s skin or the planet. But this glitter is taking time to be known by the general public. It is up to the retailers now to show their customers they are selling the only biodegradable body glitter existing in the market.

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How can Customers Be Persuaded?

Glitter users know getting rid of plastic based glitter is very hard. Once plastic is used you have to keep it or recycle it, you cannot get rid of it! Luckily, the new biodegradable body glitter decomposes in any environment and leaves no trace after being used. Here are some interesting facts that may trigger customers to buy this ecoglitter:

  • It uses no plastic in its manufacturing.
  • It decomposes like a regular leave in the natural environment.
  • It can be used on any part of the human body.
  • It comes in many presentations for different applications.
  • It feels softer on the skin.

Any consumer or provider that is still uncertain about this new ecoglitter needs to be convinced that the easy answer to tackle this issue lies in the new products developed by the most innovative glitter manufacturer: Bioglitter.


Bioglitter Is Top Innovation in Glitter

If there is one company in the glitter market that represents innovation, that company is Bioglitter. This can be proven by the two main goals this company has:

  • Removing the use of micro-plastics in glitter
  • Being certified biodegradable in the natural environment

The latest product launched by this company is the Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE and it is the one that is achieving the company’s main goals. In addition, it is achieving eco-credentials never achieved by any other company, including:

  • Being the world’s first glitter that is 100% plastic free
  • Having the OK Biodegradable Water Certification, which guarantees biodegradation in any environment
  • Winning the ‘Green and Sustainability’ category in the PCHI Fountain Awards, China 2019
  • Winning Gold for innovation in In-cosmetics Global exhibition in 2018
  • Complying with all cosmetic and rinse off legislation in the US

As the exclusive representative of Bioglitter in the US, Blue Sun International can only be proud of being the provider of the world’s first true ecoglitter that will even satisfy the most demanding customers. Any purchase made in our offices guarantees glitter will no longer be a hassle once it has been used.

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