Is Glitter Toxic? Are There Any Eco Friendly Solutions?

Is Glitter Toxic? Are There Any Eco Friendly Solutions?

The many uses of glitter in everyday life represent a significant contribution to plastic pollution, and although the damage is huge the use of glitter will not stop as it is seen as essential in celebrations. How can suppliers offer an alternative to help the environment?

Glitter demand has not stopped since it was invented in the last century, but its constant use is resulting in a terrible environmental pollution, so the question is obvious: is glitter toxic for our planet? If so, how can we stop using it? Here we will learn the right answer and what to do about it.

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Is Glitter Toxic?

The way we have been using glitter for many decades is definitely toxic. We have mainly used plastic based glitter, and as we know the danger of having plastics in the ocean – which is where plastic glitter normally ends up – is that it kills marine life and it has a direct effect on our seafood diet.

If Glitter Is Toxic, Why Do We Use It?

The reason is that glitter is fascinating, as simple as that. There might be regulations to stop manufacturing products containing micro-plastics, but the glitter demand will continue. People may think if it is just a little bit of garbage, what damage can it cause?, but a thought like that can only make things worse.

We Need an Eco Friendly Solution!

We need a plastic glitter alternative, one that is also environmentally friendly. Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure are the best eco-friendly solutions in the market right now. However, they need to become mainstream so it becomes the new standard in glitter. Companies offering Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure will be one step ahead than their competition.

How Do You Make Glitter Environmentally Friendly?

The new eco-glitter needs to be biodegradable in order to be environmentally friendly, it has to decompose in the natural environment and disappear a few weeks after being used. The best way to achieve this is using only natural and plant derived materials instead of the core plastic film traditionally used in standard glitter.

Bioglitter Pure and Bioglitter Sparkle

They are the only option that meet all the requirements to be considered as the real eco-friendly solution to plastic glitter. This product line was developed to tackle plastic pollution and it is the only company who has all its products certified as biodegradable after passing the fresh water test. Other remarkable features of this eco-glitter include:

  • Holding the OK Biodegradable WATER certification by TÜV
  • Guaranteed biodegradation in any environment
  • Verified micro-plastic free (ECHA Microplastic Proposal, Jan 2019)
  • Winning awards for sustainability and innovation
  • Being certified as 100% biobased carbon content
  • Complying with all legislation, including the FDA regulation for use on lips
  • Applicability in any part of the human body

The true Bioglitter products are Bioglitter SPARKLE and Bioglitter PURE, which comply with the ultimate purposes of the company that are removing micro-plastics and being biodegradable. These two eco-friendly solutions can be found in Blue Sun International and/or Today Glitter store (in samller quantities), as these are the only authorized resellers of Bioglitter in the US.

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