Non Plastic Glitter: The Glitter of the Future Is Here

Non Plastic Glitter: The Glitter of the Future Is Here

Standard plastic glitter will be replaced, it is a matter of WHEN rather than IF, so suppliers need to think ahead and be ready for the increasing demand of environmentally friendly glitters that is about to come. Everybody should know that the new eco-glitter is here to stay!

In order to face the new regulations and policies adopted by many governments around the world – which include a severe legislation on products containing micro-plastics – the cosmetics industry had to come up with a non-plastic glitter solution to get new customers and maintain glitter in the shiny spot it is meant to have.

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Plastic Glitter Is Out

And suppliers must know it. Not only it is terrible for the environment, but many government entities are regulating against the use of micro-plastics in products that were considered standard for many years, including plastic glitter. Bioglitter Pure and Bioglitter Sparkle have a golden opportunity to become the perfect replacement.

Bioglitter Pure: A Non Plastic Glitter that is a Real Eco Glitter

A different approach had to be taken in the manufacturing of glitter, one that understands we have to stop creating more plastic products. After several years of research, Bioglitter came up with the perfect formula for a non-plastic glitter that fulfills all the functions of standard glitter, but without polluting the environment.

The Eco Glitter Options

As a result, many environmentally friendly types of glitter have emerged to seduce the new market, but consumers need to be careful on what they are actually getting and suppliers must be there to guide them on what is a real eco-glitter. Many options claim they are the real deal, but Bioglitter Pure and Bioglitter Sparkle are the only ones proven to be biodegradable.

What Is Bioglitter Made Of?

Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure only use natural and plant derived materials, not the synthetic plastics or bioplastics used in traditional glitter. That means that instead of using the core polyester film, they use special cellulose from eucalyptus hardwoods, which come from responsibly managed and certified plantations that operate in accordance with the PEFC standards.

The core used in BioglitterTM line boasts excellent eco-credentials since it is biodegradable in any environment: certified industrial and home compostable, approved soil, wastewater, freshwater and marine biodegradable. For the new Bioglitter non-plastic glitter a new environmentally friendly coating is being used, which is based only on natural resins.

The two main products of Bioglitter are both award winning products and they are definitely leading the way towards a non-plastic glitter world, but they are slightly different in certain things:

  • Bioglitter SPARKLE: The original game changer of the industry it is 92% plastic free but it has proved its high biodegradability in fresh water. It is the brightest glitter in the BioglitterTM family.
  • Bioglitter PURE: The world’s first guilt free glitter is completely a non-plastic glitter. It is definitely the most eco-friendly glitter in the world as its total biodegradation is guaranteed in less than 4 weeks. In addition, it complies with all the current and future legislation on micro-plastics.

The Eco Glitter of Today!

Today Glitter and Blue Sun International are making all the efforts to make the Bioglitter products as accessible as possible to the general public. As the exclusive reps of BioglitterTM in the US, we understand that plant based glitter is here to stay. Both products described above can be purchased in any of our shops.

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