Best Ingredients to Formulate Toners for Dry Skin

Best Ingredients to Formulate Toners for Dry Skin

Although toners should be part of the daily beauty routine of those having dry skin, they are not the first thing that comes to people’s mind whenever restoring dry and dehydrated skin is the goal. However, people should know toners go beyond taking care of acne or oiliness, especially if they have the right ingredients.

As new toners appear on the market – all of them promising all sorts of benefits – formulators may get more customers by aiming to find formulas that are alcohol free because alcohol can be extremely drying for any skin that is already dry. Below you will see what are the ingredients formulators can use to formulate the best toners for dry skin. But first, let’s get to know more about toners.

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What Are Facial Toners?

Facial toners are used to remove what is left by cleansers and to minimize the appearance of pores for a short time. In addition, facial toners usually contain a hydrating ingredients to attenuate facial irritation. 

Ingredients to Manufacture Toners for Dry Skin

The following ingredients are great choices for a skincare regime of facial toners that will help to remedy dry skin:

  • Astringents: Most toners contain astringent ingredients as isopropyl alcohol, which can help to eliminate soap residue and bacteria. They can also provide a cooling feeling when the alcohol is evaporated, but as mentioned before, one should avoid alcohol-based formulas as much as possible.

In Blue Sun International we like to suggest natural ingredients for your formulas. We advise our customers to use natural and safe astringents like our Dermanet line, which has an excellent moisturizing performance. Other benefits include:

  • Removes stickiness and tackiness caused by glycerin
  • Improves absorption thanks to smaller sizes of emulsion particles
  • Almost 25% of oil however is water soluble. 
  • Ability to create new formulation textures
  • Easily solubilized in water
  • Soothing and Moisturizing Ingredients: Since toners purpose is to soothe and rehydrate dry skin, most of them contain ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and chamomile extract, which are very good for that.

We suggest our Red Rose Wine Complex, which is an antiaging active synthetized with an avant-garde process of extraction that uses mineral sugars and reverse osmosis. Thanks to this very innovative process we can guarantee that the polyphenolic compounds, vitamins, and organic acids are perfectly preserved for skin care applications.

We also suggest the use of our White Rose Wine Complex that is a yellow and clear liquid natural active that gives brightening effects to the skin. It also uses the same cutting-edge extraction process as our other complex, but the active is composed of white rose petal extract and white wine extract.

Remember that the facial toners hydrating ingredients can mitigate the effects of harsh facial cleansers, especially for people with sensitive skin.

  • Preservatives and Emulsifiers: As the name suggests, preservatives preserve potentially harmful microorganisms from growing in the toners and ruining the formula. They include parabens, citric acid, and potassium sorbate.
  • Essential oils: They can be included in facial toners for therapeutic benefits or to provide fragrance. Our line of natural products includes oils that work good to create the best foundation for dry skin, but also for facial toners.

It should be noted that facial toners usually do not include rosemary or sage essential oils because they can make darkened areas get worse.

The Best Ingredients for Formulators

As part of our commitment to provide the best natural solutions for cosmetics formulators, we are increasing our strong core business lines with other natural products. We have already provided formulators with the ingredients to create the best foundation for dry skin, but soon we will be adding more natural products for other purposes, so stay tuned!

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