Top 10 trends in cosmetics making waves in 2018

Top 10 trends in cosmetics making waves in 2018

In our everyday life, we are invaded by new launches and trends that try to refresh the concepts and improve our daily make up routines. We are always seeking for new products that help us stand out the best of our beauty, however not all of the new products launched make their way to be added in our collection. In this compliance list, we are going to present you the trends that are going to blow your mind on 2018 and you are going to be eager to have them on your personal cosmetic stock.

 1. Ultra violet – Ultra-gorgeous!

Regarding the color on make-up according with Pantone ultra violet will be the color to go with on 2018, and would be great if you not only use this color on clothes but in your make up as well. This vibrant color goes terribly well in make-up and will help achieving a dramatically, provocative, thoughtful and even stellar look as the Pantone team stated from this color. For example, in lipsticks can help you go from a day make-up to an evening-ready look. In the eyes, a dab of this shade can help upgrading a smoky eye look or can be used as the main shadow color, also used a subtle metallic eyeliner can give a super chick look for day or night wear. Or in nail polish to match your look.  

What is best about it is that matches a lot of skin tones perfect for everyone willing to be on the color trend.

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2. All is about the masks

One of the best ways to pamper us is by using a rich mask that leaves our skin looking radiant. And with the Insta trends of #SundayFacial this mask routines are only getting each time more important and demanded, to fulfill this demand the brands are offering us this year their best shot, using different actives on them, new pads (like silicone or gel pads), peel off components, ultra-moisturizing ingredients or organic components well known for nourishing skin. This year will be a lot of offer on the market of them with different claims or purposes and for all skin types. Also, texture on them will vary a lot from gel to mousse, from cream to peel off ones, etc.


3. Bespoke?

When thinking on cosmetics and skincare products we always think about massive productions that are destined for people in general, we always try to adequate or fit into certain characteristics of a product according to our needs or skin type, however it would be great if we knew exactly what our skin needs and getting the exact product that our particular case demands. Well, know more brands are working with this concept and want to put you first as a particular. They are using different ways such as computer-generated prescriptions, like the one Trinny London´s has, with DNA analysis, machines that give your tones and undertones for the perfect fit foundation or even with bespoke mascaras like Eyeko London.


4. Forget the normal way of eyelining, say hi to the upside down smoky eye

The normal way of eyeline is past, now what is on trend is use your eyeliner in the inferior eyelid, it doesn't matter if you want to do a normal fine line with neutral colors or you want to be more edgy by wearing a metallic eyeliner or even doing a smoky effect. Truth is that this look will make you look bold and will help accentuate your eyes. Don't doubt on daring to try this on you and make your eyes pop with your favorite eyeliner.


5. Glitter me up!

We have seen glitter all over in 2017 and 2018 is not going to be the exception, seems glitter is here to stay. From bath bombs to eyeshadows, glitters roots, masks, etc. the glitter is everywhere and we love it. This year to stand out and shine above, it is necessary to take out all your highlighters, body glitters, shiny eyeshadows and nail polishes.


6. Eco-friendly products 

Good thing to know is that in 2018 more eco-friendly products are going to be launched not only those containing eco-friendly ingredients but also those with eco-friendly packaging. A little way of helping our environment is by looking out at the beauty and personal care products that we buy, in the labels we can check out if they use eco-friendly ingredients like RSPO, non-animal derived, biodegradable ingredients, etc. Talking about packages the recyclable packages, biodegradable packages or even free package products could be perfect options.


7. Neutral products

The equality of genders has transferred to the skin care industry, now there are going to be more brands selling all their products with a neutral concept. It is known that female or male skin has the same characteristics, mainly what was differentiating male from female products was the perfume and the packaging of the products, when at the end the rest of the ingredients were the same, so if you are up to share with your boyfriend, roommate, etc. your skin care products this is a go. You are going to find super good products using unisex fragrances and packages that will fulfill everyone’s desires.


8. Watery products

This year weightless and water-light textures are on top, in order to go with the trend of looking more natural yet flawless, all those products water based are going to help you achieve that look of healthiness and moisture. The trend now is to celebrate a natural glowing skin, forgetting about the full coverage. So, all those water based foundations and skin care products are going to help you achieve that look.


9. Athleisure products

Before and after physical activity products are going to be launched a lot, as it is important to diminish the tiredness, redness, the clogged pores, etc. while doing sports. The aim is to forget about looking bad while exercising.


10. I´m feeling metallica

From the eyeliner to a lipstick the Metallic makeup in all shades and finished will continue to trend in 2018.


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