True Eco-friendly Glitter? Easy Answer: Bio-glitter 100% Plastic Free

True Eco-friendly Glitter? Easy Answer: Bio-glitter 100% Plastic Free

In times in which the world needs an urgent change in the use of micro-plastics, glitter consumers are looking for an alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter. But now they have to look no further as Bio-glitterTM arises as the right option.

Consumers of cosmetics – especially those of glitter – may be on the verge of changing the way they have been dealing with environmental problems. Bio-glitterTM has launched an eco-friendly glitter to tackle the terrible problems caused to the environment by products containing plastics; this is great news for conscious consumers.

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Why Do We Need an Eco-friendly Glitter?

First of all, it is important to make sure that everybody knows traditional plastic glitter is terrible for the environment. Not only pollutes our oceans and planet, it may also kill marine life like fish and seabirds. Here is explained in detail how this can happen;

  • When consumers wash glitter off their bodies, the micro-plastics forming standard glitter go down the drain to our waterways and end up polluting our oceans.
  • The pollution caused by micro-plastics float on the ocean like little trash islands.
  • As glitter is sparkly they easily catch the attention of marine life near the surface of the sea and seabirds that may consume these micro-plastics.
  • Micro-plastics also end up at the bottom of the sea, getting consumed by plankton and many marine species.
  • Pescatarians from all over the world may be affected by the micro-plastics on their plates. Wild caught fish and seafood is now affected by micro-plastics

What Is an Eco-friendly Glitter?

Since this problem is becoming huge, what the planet needs right away is for glitter consumers to stop getting micro-plastics products, and many governments are already banning them. But that is just the first step; the love for glitter is not going to stop by any government imposition.

That is why glitter consumers need a bio-glitter, an alternative to plastic-based glitter that biodegrades in nature and reduces the part of the micro-plastic pollution caused by standard glitter. This eco-friendly glitter needs to:

  • Be as fun as standard glitter but without hurting the environment.
  • Be proven to biodegrade in the natural environment in accordance with ISO14851.
  • Replace the conventional glitter’s polyester film with plant-derived materials.
  • Have eco-credentials that guarantee biodegradability in any environment.
  • Be accessible to most conscious consumers.


Where to Find an Eco-friendly Glitter?

BioglitterTM meets the criteria to be the eco-friendliest glitter in the world. It represents innovation in glitter as it was created to tackle the huge issue caused by micro-plastics pollution. In the US, Blue Sun International is the only authorized US distributor of BioglitterTM products, which include:

  • The original game changer, BioglitterTM SPARKLE; the first product developed by Bioglitter and the brightest glitter of the company.
  • The new 100% plastic free glitter, BioglitterTM PURE, sets a new standard for the cosmetics industry. It only uses natural materials and decomposes like a leaf in the natural environment. In addition, it is more comfortable on the skin than any other glitter as it has no aluminum; it is suitable for use on lips according to the FDA.
  • This new bio-glitter has achieved credentials no other glitter has achieved before. It has recently won, in 2019, the ‘Green and Sustainability’ PCHI Fountain Award in China, and the Gold for innovation at In-Cosmetics Global; world’s most prestigious cosmetic raw material exhibition. BioglitterTM PURE is the true eco-friendly glitter.

Any retailer offering BioglitterTM products can provide customers with a guilt-free product that works as good as conventional glitter but without damaging the environment.

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