Ultrafine Glitter: Why Do Micro-Plastics Need to Be Removed?

Ultrafine Glitter: Why Do Micro-Plastics Need to Be Removed?

Most cosmetics manufacturers already know the clock is ticking for products containing micro-plastics and a new approach MUST be taken. The right Eco-glitter is Bio-glitter.

Since plastic glitter is being banned at major events  all around the globe, the need for an alternative to standard glitter has increased in a significant way. Not only an environmentally friendly glitter is necessary for the years to come but also conscious consumers will be looking for a natural guilt-free glitter that has all the benefits of regular ultrafine glitter (or any glitter) but without killing our planet.


We Need an Alternative to Standard Glitter

Providers know they have to stand out, they cannot offer – like so many others – a product that threatens the future of our planet and a bio-glitter (meaning a glitter that is naturally biodegradable) is required more than ever. Although the need for a plastic glitter alternative  has been frequently discussed, many consumers are still having a hard time getting their natural glitter, especially if what they are looking for is ultrafine glitter.

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For those who are not aware yet of why micro-plastics in the oceans are so dangerous, here are some of its main characteristics:

  • They are smaller than 5mm and they can easily get to our waterways, sea salt, fish, and even to our food!
  • They contain heavy metals that are extremely toxic to larvae, fishes, seabirds, and marine life in general.
  • Since plastic does not have an immediate chemical reaction when it gets in contact with other substances, many manufacturers prefer to use it in their products.
  • Micro-plastics in glitter are so shiny that they easily catch the attention of the living organisms in the sea; that is why they get consumed very often.
  • Plastics remain unaltered for many years (and even centuries!) and become a huge pollution problem; once you have plastic you cannot get rid of it!

After knowing all the dangers plastic glitter represents to our environment, there is no doubt why many conscious consumers are looking for a new type of glitter.


What Is this New Type of Glitter?

In order to tackle the micro-plastics pollution problem, a bio-glitter has been developed to provide customers with a glitter that naturally degrades in any environment, leaving no or minimal trace after being used. And the best of it is that it comes in different presentations to suit all the needs of glitter fans, whether they are looking for ultrafine glitter, craft glitter, cosmetic glitter or any type of glitter that is on demand.


Top Innovation on Glitter

We are getting to the point in which the crisis caused by micro-plastics is so big that many manufacturers are claiming to offer a real bio-glitter and many consumers are falling for i. However the only glitter tested to actually biodegrade in nature is Bioglitter.

Bioglitter represents top innovation in glitter; it is the game changer for all the cosmetics to come. Some of its outstanding characteristics include:

  • Having developed the first plastic-free glitter in the history of the world!
  • Using only natural and plant derived materials to manufacture its products.
  • Being certified by TÜV on OK Biodegradable WATER guaranteeing natural biodegradability.
  • Complying with all the current and future legislation on micro-plastics.
  • Winning the most important awards on sustainable innovation in cosmetics.

Any provider selling Bioglitter products can guarantee glitter fans they are getting the best bio-glitter in the market. Blue Sun International is very proud to be the exclusive B2B representative of Bioglitter in the US.


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