What Is the Best Plastic Free Glitter?

What Is the Best Plastic Free Glitter?

If you want to be sure you are getting a real eco-glitter, it has to meet certain standards achieved only by the most innovative company in the cosmetics industry. Find out whose products are leading the way in the battle against plastic pollution.

The new cosmetics preferred by customers are those who are safe for the environment, and suppliers must know that. The reason is that we are becoming more aware of the damage caused by plastic-based products. In the case of glitter, the safe product is the new plastic free glitter recently launched by Bioglitter and here are the reasons why it is the best.

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A Company that Is Committed with the Environment

BioglitterTM aims to achieve two ultimate goals with all of its products, and these are:

  1. Removing plastics from its products, so they do not contribute to the huge micro-plastic pollution partially caused by standard glitter.
  2. Having all its products certified as biodegradable in the natural environment, so they do not leave any mess after being used.

The two products launched by Bioglitter, Bioglitter PURE and Bioglitter SPARKLE, guarantee biodegradation in any environment regardless of their plastic content, which is minimum in the case of Bioglitter SPARKLE (92% plastic free). Bioglitter PURE is 100% plastic free.

What Is Biodegradable Glitter?

A real biodegradable glitter is one that naturally biodegrades in any environment, without the need of special conditions like other types of fake ‘biodegradable’ glitter that require of special temperatures, proper soil and the right bacteria to start its biodegradation process. The true Biodegradable glitter and eco-glitter:

  • Uses only natural and plant-derived materials
  • Is certified as biodegradable in any environment
  • Replaces the core plastic film with eucalyptus cellulose
  • Uses eco-friendly coatings based on natural resins
  • Boasts eco-credentials never achieved by any other company

We have covered before how to make biodegradable glitter, but it is always good to remind customers that only Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure have passed the fresh water test guaranteeing natural biodegradability in any environment, and that it was tested by an independent organization. Other ‘biodegradable’ glitters may be as bad for the environment as plastic based glitter because they DO NOT degrade in nature.

A Plastic-free Glitter that is the True Eco-Glitter

Bioglitter Pure, also know as Today Glitter non-plastic glitter sets a new standard in eco-friendly cosmetics as more conscious glitter consumers are looking to purchase only products that are safe for the environment. The latest Bioglitter product is the world’s first plastic free glitter in history and is destined to be the number one cosmetic of environmentally friendly customers.

The name of this true eco-glitter is Bioglitter PURE and it is also a body safe glitter that can be used in any part of the human body, as it contains no aluminum or heavy metals, which makes it suitable to use on lips according to the FDA legislation.

Due to the plant-based materials, this eco-glitter also feels softer on the consumer’s skin and is guaranteed to leave no mess after being used, decomposing in any natural environment in less than 30 days.

Blue Sun International is proud to say it is committed to provide glitter suppliers with the best plastic free option in the glitter market. Any supplier looking for a guaranteed biodegradable glitter (Bioglitter Pure, Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Deco) can be 100% sure Blue Sun International is the place to get it.

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