Where to Buy Biodegradable Glitter?

Where to Buy Biodegradable Glitter?

As the need for more eco-friendly alternatives to standard glitter is becoming a pressing matter, many manufacturers are claiming they offer biodegradable glitter, but make no mistake; there are certain things you need to know to get the real deal!
We are learning more and more about the damage plastic glitter causes to the environment, but switching to a more environmentally friendly alternative is not an easy task for many glitter fans, they just do not know where to buy biodegradable glitter. This article will teach you exactly what to do to get a truly naturally biodegradable glitter.

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1.  Look for a reliable source

The first thing you need to check in order to know where to buy biodegradable glitter is that your glitter comes from a reliable manufacturer. Bioglitter is a manufacturer that has passed the fresh water test, which is the only way to guarantee your glitter does biodegrade in nature.

2. Bioglitter plant-based glitter has proven to be biodegradable

The glitter created by Bioglitter has replaced the plastics used in standard glitter with natural source materials. Bio-glitter uses a special form of cellulose that comes from eucalyptus trees.

Bioglitter has also been tested by independent organizations, like OWS Belgium, that proved Bioglitter products have great biodegradability in freshwater environments.

3. Watch out for fake biodegradable glitters

Since customers are becoming more conscious about helping the environment, and governments will soon ban products containing micro-plastics (it is a matter of WHEN, not IF!), glitter manufacturers know they cannot sell standard plastic-based glitter anymore, that is why they claim they now have “biodegradable” products to offer.

Here are two of the most common fake biodegradable glitters:

  • Compostable glitter: Compostable products need specific temperatures, the right pressure and an environment that is favorable for bacteria to grow. But in nature is quite difficult to find these elements every time you throw compostable glitter away, so it basically remains unaltered, polluting the environment just like regular plastic glitter.
  • PLA glitter: Thinking that PLA glitter biodegrades in nature is a terrible mistake. This glitter is made of a polymer with high levels of polylactic acid molecules. Its biodegradation process needs the right heat and moisture. If this type of glitter is thrown away in the trash bins, it will also remain unchanged for even many years.

4. Finding true biodegradable glitter

The next generation of standard glitter has to actually biodegrade in nature, and it should not be so hard to find where to buy biodegradable glitter. Luckily, companies like Blue Sun International and Today Glitter made all the efforts to make the Bioglitter products accessible to the general public in the US.

  • Bioglitter Sparkle: It has the brightest effect of the Bioglitter products and it uses a type of cellulose that biodegrades quickly in the natural environment. The plant-derived film used in this glitter feels very comfortable on the skin. It was tested by an independent organization that proved it biodegrades in nature and in accordance with the ISO14851 standard.
  • Bioglitter Pure: It is 100% plastic free and it is based on cellulose derived from renewable raw materials. It is 100% aluminum free and it is suitable for use on lips. It was also tested in accordance with the ISO14851 standard. In addition to all of the above, Bioglitter Pure ins not a micro-plastic, therefore it complies with all the micro-plastics legislations.

Remember you can only get these products by an authorized reseller of the Bioglitter products. In the US, only Blue Sun International and Today Glitter are authorized to sell these products. 


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