Where to Buy Glitter in Bulk? Find the best biodegradable glitter

Where to Buy Glitter in Bulk? Find the best biodegradable glitter

The demand of eco-glitter is increasing as the news on plastic pollution only get worse, and glitter consumers know the cheaper way to get it is buying it in large amounts. It is time for suppliers to make environmentally friendly glitter as accessible as possible to the general public.

Conscious glitter consumers have already made up their minds about the type of glitter they want to use in cosmetics, decoration or other applications, the problem now seems to be where to buy glitter in bulk, because the new ecoglitter is not as cheap as standard plastic based glitter, but they know the more they purchase the cheaper they can get it!

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Top Innovation in Biodegradable Glitter

Bioglitter is arising as the leading company in ecoglitter, they have taken seriously the goal of making all of its products plastic free and, although they are still on the journey of being completely 100% plastic free, all of its products have proved to be naturally biodegradable in any environment. Some of its biggest achievements include:

  • Replacing the plastic based film used in standard glitter with a unique natural and plant derived cellulose
  • Creating the first 100% plastic free ecoglitter in the world, Bioglitter PURE, that decomposes like a regular leaf in the natural environment
  • Having many applications in all its presentations; it can be used as cosmetics, decoration, and arts and crafts
  • Complying with all the current and future legislation on micro-plastics, including the US FDA legislation for use on lips
  • Achieving eco-credentials never achieved by any other company in the glitter industry

Looking for Good Suppliers

Being a reliable supplier is essential to get new customers, they need to be consistent in offering quality and innovative products. Glitter costumers should know all they are looking for can be found in suppliers offering Bioglitter products.

Blue Sun International, as an exclusive representative in the US of the most innovative glitter company in the world, has prepared a detailed guide to find reliable bulk glitter suppliers.

What is the best biodegradable glitter?

Now that glitter consumers know where to buy glitter in bulk and smaller quantities, Blue Sun International and Today Glitter only provide the best two products in the market. Their bioglitters are the only ones to be independently verified to biodegrade in natural environment (remember; compostable glitter does NOT biodegrade in nature). Here are some of their most important characteristics:

1) Bioglitter SPARKLE

  • It is the original game changer of the glitter industry offers the same benefits of standard plastic based glitter, but using only plant derived materials.
  • It is the brightest glitter in the Bioglitter family, achieving 92% plastic free composition.
  • It has received the ‘Green and Sustainability’ recognition in the PCHI Fountain Awards and Gold for innovation at In-cosmetics global, 2017.

2) Bioglitter PURE

  • It is the world’s first 100% plastic free glitter in history using only natural and plant derived materials to be manufactured.
  • It holds the OK Biodegradable WATER Certification that guarantees biodegradability in any environment.


  • It feels softer on the consumer’s skin and it can be used in any part of the human body, including lips and eyes.
  • It has also been awarded with the ‘Green and Sustainability’ award in 2019 and Gold for innovation in 2018.

Remember that both products can be used in many applications and purchased in different sizes and presentations via Blue Sun International.

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