The World’s First 100% Plastic-free Cosmetic Glitter

The World’s First 100% Plastic-free Cosmetic Glitter

A huge change is being introduced to the cosmetics industry; the first cosmetic glitter that is 100% plastic-free has finally been created. It will allow glitter lovers to enjoy the sparkly effect of the cosmetic with no guilt for hurting the environment.

The British glitter supplier Ronald Britton has recently launched the first cosmetic glitter that is completely biodegradable and 100% plastic-free. Bioglitter has made it possible! And as Britton did it in the UK, Blue Sun is the only and exclusive distributor of Bioglitter in the US. But it was not an easy process, a lot of time and resources had to be invested.

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 Products Launched by Bioglitter

  1. In 2014, the original Bioglitter product was launched with the intention of offering an eco-friendly alternative to the issue of micro-plastics pollution.
  2. In 2018, Deco Bioglitter SPARKLE was launched as a technical grade glitter for coating and print applications. It still is the brightest Bioglitter product and was independently tested to prove that it does biodegrade in the natural environment.
  3. In 2019, Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE offers the newest glitter effect, which is totally plastic-free.

Bioglitter PURE is such a unique product in the market, it is the first glitter without plastics and without aluminum! Although it was initially created for the cosmetics industry, it now can be used in the packaging, print, decorative, and coatings industry.


Most Relevant Characteristics of Bioglitter PURE

  • It was created using only natural materials
  • It decomposes in natural freshwater environments
  • Certified “OK Biodegradable Water”
  • Biogliter PURE is 30% thinner than any other craft glitter making it more cost effective than regular craft glitter


Process to Decompose

Although Bioglitter PURE is as durable as standard glitter, once it gets in contact with the natural environment the microbes in nature will digest the glitter and will turn it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.


Other “Biodegradable” Types of Glitter

Blue Sun wants to make sure US customers get unaltered Bioglitter products and with that in mind it has verfied Today Glitter to retail Bioglitter PURE and Bioglitter SPARKLE to the end consumer. Both are the only two companies in the US authorized to resell Bioglitter products in the US and Canada..

However, there are other companies claiming to offer “biodegradable” products that DO NOT biodegrade in nature. In order to guarantee that a cosmetic glitter actually biodegrades in the natural environment, it has to pass the fresh water test.

Some companies take the test but they do not share the results, which cannot guarantee they actually passed it. Other companies claim compostable glitter is biodegradable, but it only is if the user takes all the glitter pieces to a compostable plant, which is impossible and not realistic. Make sure to always ask for the results of such tests!


It Has to Be Naturally Biodegradable

In order to claim that a company offers a biodegradable product, it has to pass the freshwater test and share the results. Only Bioglitter has done it, that is why Blue Sun and Today Glitter are very proud to represent this company in the US & Canada. Any products offered by these two companies will naturally biodegrade in the environment in just a few weeks.

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