What is Eco Friendly glitter? The True Ecoglitter

What is Eco Friendly glitter? The True Ecoglitter

Customers are looking for a safer glitter. Suppliers are now responsible of providing them the right ecoglitter to help tackling the plastic pollution problem hurting our planet.

Following the news about the negative impact plastic based glitter has on the environment and on the consumer’s skin, many glitter fans do not want to purchase standard glitter anymore. They are now looking for a natural glitter makeup for their party-planning needs and providers have to catch up with their needs if they want to remain relevant in the market.

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The Effects of Standard Glitter

Consumers used to think on the momentary sparkle of their cosmetic as the end goal of their purchase, but many of them are realizing conventional glitter is terrible for them and for the environment. That is why those who learned the after effects of glitter demand an Eco friendly glitter that helps them to get the benefits of conventional glitter using real natural glitter makeup.

What Ecoglitter Is the Right One?

In order to face the increasing demand of natural glitter makeup, many providers are marketing “safe” types of glitter, but the only guarantee consumers can have is a glitter that has passed the fresh water test and that has also been certified as a naturally biodegradable glitter in any environment.

So far, the only company in the world to achieve this is Bioglitter and Blue Sun International is proud to be its exclusive representative in the US. BioglitterTM customers report full satisfaction with this new eco friendly glitter, and for those who want a detailed explanation of what it is, soon they will realize a natural glitter makeup is very likely to become the new standard glitter.

What is Eco friendly glitter?

Bioglitter Sparkle / Bioglitter Pure is the true Eco friendly glitter. Claims on natural biodegradablility are backed by independent scientific tests. Blue Sun and Today Glitter are exclusive certified resellers due to their scientific expertise. The latest product launched, Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE has eco-credentials never achieved by any other product in the market:

  • World’s first glitter that is 100% plastic free
  • Obtained for the first time in the glitter industry, OK Biodegradable Water Certification, which guarantees biodegradation in natural environment (no need of artifical composting environment)
  • Winning Gold for innovation in In-cosmetics Global exhibition in 2018 (world’s most important cosmetic trade show) 
  • Winning the ‘Green and Sustainability’ category in the PCHI Fountain Awards, 2019
  • Complying with all cosmetic and rinse off legislation in the US
  • FDA approved to be used in lips (first time in history)

Customers need to be warned about the proliferation of so-called biodegradable products taking advantage of the good intentions of people who are conscious about the environment. Some examples of fake biodegradable glitter are:

1. Compostable Glitter

  • Compostable glitter does not biodegrade in nature, regardless of what anybody may say about it. If you are ever told that compostable glitter biodegrades in nature, ask to you supplier for the scientific tests. Make sure to read the test. Beware of high temperature, pressure or bacteria that are not found in natural environment. If it does not replicate common weather conditions in nature it will not biodegrade in natural environment and remain as regular plastic!
  • Thinking compostable glitter is biodegradable is a terrible misconception that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Compostable glitter requires having specific temperatures, the right pressure, and the proper bacteria environment in a compostable terrain.
  • Every little piece of glitter needs to be taken to a compostable glitter to start its biodegradation process. It is not realistic. It is impossible.
  • Many compostable glitters are made with cellulose acetate, which is the same ingredient used to make cigarette butts. This is not good for the consumer’s skin.

2. PLA Glitter

  • PLA glitter does not biodegrade in nature either, thinking otherwise represents another misconception. Once again, always ask for tests showing natural biodegradability.
  • PLA glitter is made of a polymer that contains high levels of polylactic acid molecules; so basically, PLA is just another type of plastic.
  • For PLA glitter to decompose, the consumer needs to have access to the high heat of industrial composting, which is very unlikely to happen.

The Future Belongs to Bioglitter; the true eco-glitter; the true Biodegradable Glitter

Soon most glitter consumers will only want a true ecoglitter to use as natural glitter makeup. This has been reported already in many articles on the Internet where the Bioglitter products and its exclusive representative in the US, Blue Sun International, have been featured in important media outlets like The Daily Beast.

Getting the Bioglitter products from Blue Sun International can be the one and only guarantee US consumers have for purchasing the right ecoglitter.

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