Best Emollients and Humectants to Formulate Skin Friendly Cleansers

Best Emollients and Humectants to Formulate Skin Friendly Cleansers

Consumers who like to take good care of their skin sometimes tend to over-wash it and, actually, may end up worsening its conditions. The use of a humectants and emollients therapy in ready-made products or other special formulations can really help restoration in many types of skin… So what are the suppliers recommending as skin friendly cleansers these days?

In order to maintain proper care of the skin, consumers should be informed about the methods they use. Although many have the intentions of doing good for their skin, their lack of knowledge in skin care may be playing tricks on them. Using emollients and humectants is key in formulations intended to create reliable skin care products. Let’s find out in the next paragraphs what consumers may be doing wrong and how can they fix it.

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Washing Your Face

First off, consumers should be aware that over-washing their faces may not be providing the benefits they intend to get. They usually do it to get rid of:

  • Sweat
  • Grease
  • Pollutants
  • Makeup

But while doing so, they may be stripping the skin of its natural oils and harming the natural barrier function. This mistake is quite common in consumers who tend to over-wash their faces, and although removing pollutants is important, they have to remember that damaging the natural barrier of the skin will not protect them from outside microbes and can lead to dryness of skin.

How to Properly Cleanse Your Face

Most authorized voices in proper skin care recommend to cleanse your face twice a day, usually at night, and through a double cleansing method

In a world where the sun radiation is getting more dangerous, using sunscreen on a daily basis is essential, but people must remember to remove it to then use a proper cleanser. That makes a double cleaning! If consumers use other makeup instead of sunscreens, they should remove it too before using the right cleansers. When using cleansers, the mistakes usually include:

  • The use of alcohol based astringent cleansers
  • These cleansers dry the face because they strip natural lipids from skin
  • Most face wipes contain alcohol too, so they should be avoided
  • They also consist of synthetics compounds that provide fragrance
  • Using these products irritates the skin and creates sensitivity and redness

The wrong cleansers are too strong and over-cleanse the skin, and instead of preventing redness and sensitivity – what they are supposed to do – they actually cause it! Consumers need the proper combination of emollients and humectants to remove the persistent makeup and other issues in order to function as a lymphatic drainage.

The Right Cleansers

The correct formulations should contain cleansing oils that wash and massage the skin. They should provide the proper emollient therapy to stimulate the skin’s blood flow and make it look fresher and brighter. Using the proper emollients and humectants combination, including ceramides, in a product will provide the consumers with the following benefits:

  • Maintenance of soft skin
  • Optimization of immune function
  • Conservation of ideal barrier function 

Informed consumers want their cleansers to provide nourishing lipids and effective antioxidants. These products should work for general skin health and replenish it to cover fine lines and wrinkles. The key is getting the right options.

Superior Emollience in Cleansers

Our Dermanet line provides the perfect emollient therapy for skin care applications. We provide the best emollients in cosmetics for ideal moisturizing purposes. Dermanet removes the stickiness and tackiness from glycerin, this provides our products with a unique afterfeel while improving absorption for better maintenance. Our products include:

  • Dermanet (Dimethicone version): Provides the emollient therapy needed to protect the skin.
  • Dermanet Squalane: Derives from olive oil. It helps to soften and smooth the skin since it replenishes its lipids for excellent moisture.
  • Dermanet Jojoba: The jojoba oil is used to reduce the irritated skin and improve the natural production of collagen. It avoids premature aging by covering wrinkles and fine lines.

Our Dermanet products also protect from the sun and allow new formulation textures. They provide the right amount of emollients and humectants that suppliers can use as a guarantee of ideal skin friendly cleansers.

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