Can glitter damage your eyes? What to know about eye-safe glitter.

Can glitter damage your eyes? What to know about eye-safe glitter.

Glitter has many uses in people’s daily life. Cosmetic glitter is very popular and it is here to stay, especially for eye shadow make-up. It certainly looks beautiful but not all of them contain eye-safe glitter. Plastic glitter is very dangerous and can damage your eyes.

Recently, makeup companies have been changing their materials for glitter that claims to be biodegradable. However in some cases they still contain polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Glitter brands should be required to show an 'OK Biodegradable WATER' certificate to prove they are eco-friendly.

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How bad is glitter for eyes?

Regular plastic glitter components are mainly:

  • plastic

  • Toxic metals

  • colorants 

Some of these components include PLA, PET, aluminum, microplastics, and antimony. Those ingredients can harm the skin and it is impossible to remove from the environment.

It is common to find in the best eye shadow makeup for its elegance, colors, brilliance, and impact. However, in some cases, these elements have the ability to cause irritation, pain, bloodshot eyes, sensitivity to light, infections, and cornea scratch.

There have been numerous cases reported about those damages, including the 49-year-old woman who was almost blinded by glitter in her eyes. Certainly, the non-eye-safe glitter in her Christmas card wasn’t intended to end up in her eyes, but the same outcome could be expected in regular glitter makeup.

Does eye-safe glitter really exist?

People are creative when it comes to using cosmetic glitter. They try new techniques, such as adding glue or combining it with color contact lenses, which could be dangerous. For removal, most use abrasive products, instead of a gentle, natural-based product. 

Ideal sizes to formulate products targeting eye application are 004 (100 microns) and 006 (150 microns), Any larger size can irritate eyes. 

Using plastic glitter can be bad for your skin and you’d need remedies to help reverse the effects. You can use good skincare techniques to help prevent the aging effect and keep the skin healthy and moisturized. Vitamin C and its derivatives are great for the skin because they brighten the skin, create homogenous tones, reduce UV damage, and includes essential antioxidants.

The reality is that most people do not know the effects of plastic glitter so they’ll continue using it. The best alternative is re-educating the public about the dangers of plastic glitter. The best option is to switch to an eco-friendly solution, introducing them to a great quality product that is:

  • Plastic-free 

  • Metal-free (non-toxic)

  • non-GMO

  • non-CMR

  • Cruelty-free 

  • Allergen-free

Keep in mind that any strange object touching the eyes can cause discomfort, and trying to get rid of it inadequately could cause irritation. But, a chemical-free product and great application of it prevents damage.

Biodegradable skin-safe and eye-safe glitter

Bio-Glitter has eliminated the threat that plastic glitter created with guilt-free products for humans and nature. Bio-Glitter Sparkle and Biogltter Pure are eye and skin safe and complies with the following cosmetic regulations:

  • European Cosmetic Regulation: 1221/2009

  • Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics (July 2007)

  • FDA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21

  • Korean Cosmetic Products Act (KPCA) 2000

  • Industrial Chemicals. Act 1998 and Cosmetic Standards - Australia

  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ordinance No 126 (July 29, 2003) Japanese regulation

Bio-Glitter Sparkle and Bio-glitter Pure also have ecological achievements such as 'OK Biodegradable WATER' certification by TÜV or Verified micro-plastic free (ECHA Microplastic Proposal, Jan 2019.) 

The real Bio-Glitter is created from cellulose core and derived from hardwoods, mainly eucalyptus. Turning it into a healthier option compared with others that contain heavy metals and antimony.

Based on study results, 80% of consumers reported preferring this brand for the silky feel on their bodies. Its natural plant-derived components make it physically softer than polyester.

Innovating is great, and doing it with the best product in appearance, benefits, and care is even better.


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