Vitamin C Powder for Face, the New Trend!

Vitamin C Powder for Face, the New Trend!

It is getting more common for consumers to get the benefits of the best cosmetics ingredients from non-common sources. Vitamin C has been used in cosmetics for a very long time, but some manufacturers felt the need of eliminating the downsides of this ingredient in its conventional form and came up with something new!

One of the most preferred ingredients for cosmetics formulators is vitamin C, but the fact that it is very unstable limits the shelf life of the product that contains it. That is why a new vitamin C powder for face may be very appealing for both consumers and brands looking for a lasting antiaging product with the best benefits they can get.

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Why Vitamin C?

This natural ingredient is usually part of the cosmetics industry thanks to the many benefits it provides to the skin, including:

  • Brightening of face
  • Homogenous skin tone
  • Increase of collagen production
  • Reduces UV damage
  • Essential antioxidant

Can Vitamin C Get Any Better? 

The main issue with this star ingredient is it oxidizes quite quickly. In serums, creams or lotions, vitamin C speeds up the oxidation process whenever exposed to:

  • Heat
  • Light
  • Air

Now, the problem with an oxidized product is it will not provide the same benefits to the skin!

Introducing a New Vitamin C Type

In Blue Sun International we are always thinking on the best ways to help consumers on the look-out for improved sources of ingredients, that is why we have been very concerned about sensitive types of skin – we have already advised on the best makeup for sensitive skin – and only market the best choice for body safe glitter. Now is time to do something new with vitamin C, it is time to know more about vitamin C powder for face.

In times in which consumers tend to do their own makeup routines, brands can draw the market’s attention by offering our Act EAA – High Purity Ethyl Ascorbic Acid. Our ingredient is a stabilized form of vitamin C in the form of white crystals or crystalline powder. This non-comedogenic face powder has a purity level that is higher than 99% of the competition!

Consumers can mix our vitamin C powder for face with their usual skincare products and create a beauty routine of various ingredients. Another options is to mix it in different formulations to provide a combined antiaging effect. It is also to highlight that the pH of the vitamin C powder for face we market is mild enough to be absorbed by the skin without causing irritation.

What Are Other Benefits of Using Vitamin C Powder for Face?

  • When used in the most natural version of the vitamin, powders are more powerful than other synthetic versions
  • Studies suggest that used in combination with vitamin E or ferulic acid works best for the skin
  • It helps sun-damaged skin including dark spots, but it does not clog pores (meaning it is a non comedogenic face powder) like other sources of vitamin C
  • It provides powerful antioxidant and antiaging effects

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