What is Squalane? A simple yet effective moisturizer

What is Squalane? A simple yet effective moisturizer

Squalane is a simple skin moisturizer that naturally forms in the body. At a certain age we stop producing it and new ways to have it in your body are needed in order to guarantee proper hydration of the skin. Whether it is obtained naturally or applied, Squalane is a very effective moisturizer. It is time to learn more about it!

It is getting more common to use natural extracts for skin hydration and squalene oil has emerged as the new skin savior, but what is squalene? What benefits can we get from it? How can we get it if our bodies are no longer producing it? In the paragraphs below we will learn how this simple moisturizer is very effective and how can you get it!

What Is Squalane and Where Is It Found?

As indicated above, squalane is a natural substance our own bodies produce. At birth, more than 10% of the surface of the skin is made out of squalane, but in our twenties the natural production stops and we need the topical application of this substance. 

The squalane substance can be found in:

  • Human blood and skin

  • Olives

  • Wheat germ

  • Deep sea shark livers

  • Rice bran

Once we stop producing this substance in a natural way, squalane may be applied on your skin from other natural sources. Please know that Blue Sun International provides only cruelty-free natural extracts and the squalane derived from shark livers is not used in the oil of the Dermanet line.

What Benefits Does Squalane Offer?

Applying squalane oil has remarkable benefits for the skin. Considering it is naturally produced by the body, once one stops producing it, the skin is eager to receive it since it needs the superior hydration this substance provides. This is why this is a simple moisturizer, but a very effective one.

All types of skin benefit from the squalane oil and just like the olive oil it is not comedogenic regardless of the skin type. This simple moisturizer penetrates deep into the pores and takes care of the skin from a cellular level. Squalane oil also:

  • Helps fighting off aging

  • Keeps the skin healthy

  • Acts as anti-inflammatory for acne

  • Enhances blood circulation

Blue Sun International created Dermanet Squalane

The proper skin care needs squalane oil as a natural extract for application on the skin surface. Dermanet Squalane from Blue Sun International is an eco-friendly alternative that delivers powerful moisturizing properties without making the skin feel sticky.

Dermanet line contains functional ingredients and although it integrates oils in its structure, its unique structure makes them water soluble which is ideal for water based formulations. Dermanet is ideal for skin care and also for hair care formulations.

Dermanet squalane has the perfect ratio to not be comedogenic and still work deep in the pores, without clogging them. It has excellent compatibility with the skin and will enhance any formulation. If you want to learn more you can find formulations with Dermanet here.

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