Banana Face Mask. A Natural Way To Moisturize Your Skin

Banana Face Mask. A Natural Way To Moisturize Your Skin

There are many natural extracts whose properties have incredible benefits for the skin but the vast majority of the population ignore these properties and miss out on maintaining a healthy skin. Banana extract has excellent skin benefits and the source is very well-known.

Banana must be one of the most common fruits in the world, but its properties are unknown for many. Besides being tasty, bananas have amazing beauty benefits and the banana face mask is great for proper skin care. The natural extracts that use bananas are a great asset for moisturizing and protecting the skin.

What Benefits Do Bananas Provide to the Skin?

They are a great source of potassium, are rich in minerals, and have vitamin A, B, and C content, and if these banana properties are applied on a banana face mask the user may start fighting premature ageing in a very simple manner:

  • Vitamin A in the banana extract heals the dry skin and acts as a skin moisturizer to make it soft.
  • Banana face mask also acts as a great exfoliator and controls oil and sebum on the skin surface.
  • Bananas extract helps treat acne because of the many nutrients they have (including vitamin A, zinc, and manganese), which have anti-inflammatory properties.

The level of antioxidants and the content of vitamins in the banana face mask allow the user to prevent wrinkles and, just like the vitamin C powder for face, it has anti-ageing effects.

How to do a Banana Face Mask?

Blue Sun International’s Moist Plus contains banana extracts and its properties provide long-lasting hydration and moisture to the skin. The Musa Sapientum plant (banana) is ideal for skin care as it maintains its elasticity and is part of the metabolic activity that improves skin health.

In a similar way to that of a water based moisturizeror bioglitter, the banana extracts can work for different types of skin, but it is important to wash the face properly and apply them before the skin dries so that the hydration is secured.

Other Natural Extracts for Skin Care

There has been a recent shift to natural components for skin care products. The users of these items are becoming more aware of the products that enable them to get natural extracts and the companies behind this change offer a variety of extracts for easy applications.

Blue Sun International’s palette of natural skin care products include bioglitters and other cosmetics whose main components are natural extracts like squalene, essential oils, polysaccharides of high molecular weight, plant juices (like those obtained by cold pressing of jicama or yacon tubers), vegetable glycerin, etc.

Benefits of Banana Plants for Hair

  • Banana extract has antioxidant and antibacterial properties to fight dandruff
  • Silica content smoothes frizzy hair.
  • Potassium and carbohydrates content nourishes hair for brightness.
  • Banana antioxidants make hair growth and strengthen its defense system.

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